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Our Program

With doctoral-level, BCBA®-led supervision at the helm, CAPabilities can create and staff a specialized classroom onsite or train existing staff on how to tackle specific behaviors. Our services come with a set of supportive features that promote collaboration and communication among parents/caregivers and educators—and empower learners to reach their fullest potential.

Building Bridges With Parents/Caregivers


  • Parent/Caregiver Advocate: Actual parent of a young adult who has “walked the walk” and can serve as liaison and mentor to new families.

  • “Talk to Me” Toolkit: Series of on-demand videos, featuring our directors, which educate parents/caregivers about ABA, dispel myths, and manage expectations. 

  • Beyond the Classroom: Quarterly e-newsletter to school district parents/caregivers that offers “news they can use”— resources and techniques that can be applied in everyday life.

  • Detailed progress reports and Q&As with parents/caregivers and school.

One-stop Resource for School Districts


For more information, contact Capstone

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